This Site Pays Writers $75 For An Article of 550–650 Words

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If you are a content writer that knows how to write to teach people how to make money while writing and you have a wide range of knowledge about this niche, then you should check this site out.

They take just 550–650 words and they pay you $75 if your story is accepted.

I would advise you to visit the site to read popular blogs and familiarize yourself with the style of writing they accept.

The name of the site is Fundsforwriters.

You can spend some time getting used to how they publish their stories. It is still a very active site and it’s still paying writers.

It focuses more on writing to inspire new writers or people who have writing skills and want to quit their jobs to focus on their writing careers.

If that interests you, shoot your shot!

At the bottom of the submission page, you would find an email in which you would send your drafts and wait for feedback. The response is very prompt, whether you’re accepted or rejected you would know within some minutes or hours.

All the guidelines that involve the don’ts and dos are right there on the submission page

They only pay through PayPal currently and in your draft just before you send it, when you are done typing your story, you will add the word count and your PayPal details below.

When submitting your draft, you won’t send it as an attachment, you’ll insert it instead and send it to the email.

I wish you the best and good luck!

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