This Site Pays Transcribers 450 Euros Monthly

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If working from home is something that interests you, then you might want to try this one out.

If you are not a transcriber, you can learn how to be by practicing a couple of times.

It’s not as easy and it’s not so difficult too, it’s just in between and depends on your ability to learn quickly.

You would be required to transcribe audio or videos into texts. Some other times, you would be subtitling a video.

It’s a good way to work from home and make some monies for yourself.

This site Happyscribe pays transcribers 0.9 euros per audio minute and according to them, transcribers earn 450 euros on average every month while the top transcribers earn as high as 3000 euros.

To apply, just go to their career page and apply, you would be required to run a test with which they would judge your skills.

You will have to run some edits to a video and transcribe it to text and wait for their response in a few days.

If you are looking for guidelines or FAQs about the platform you can go here.

They make payments using Wise formerly known as Transferwise only. So you can check if it’s eligible in your country before applying.

Transcription is a really lucrative job and so many people are making money from it on a daily basis.

Go check it out and see what you can make from it.

I wish you the best!

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