I Get Goodwill From 3000+ Organic YouTube Subscribers Because of This

If you are new to YouTube, you can get frustrated in the process of trying to grow your subscribers and views to a monetization level.

The truth is, it is not so easy. But if you want to get the best out of it, you have to love creating videos or love sharing value.

What got me on YouTube is the fact that I love sharing knowledge and adding value to people’s lives. In other words, I love to solve people’s problems.

I mean, I enjoy it! And so I saw that YouTube was the right place for me to start from.

When I first solved a problem that took me almost a month to find an answer to, I quickly made a video and posted my first video on YouTube and forgot it there.

I didn’t start all set and smooth. There was no good camera, no ring light or audio cables, and all the good backgrounds. But I wanted to start anyway and I did.

When I posted the first video on YouTube, 10 months down the line, I remembered I had posted a video on YouTube and I thought to check, I saw it has 200 views, and I was happy!

At least 200 people saw my whack video and still watched it and I saw a lot of comments that had been there months before I checked.

People were looking for ways to connect with me and that got me motivated to get serious with my channel and video creations.

As of when I am writing this post, that video is currently on 16,000 views with over 1,000 likes and about 500 comments.

I made more videos and I enjoyed it and I wanted to do more.

My subscribers grew so fast, to the extent that every day now, at least 10 subscribers are added every day.

I have never run any campaign to boost my channel before, I haven’t even shared my links to other social media asking people to subscribe or like my videos.

All I know is, that I kept delivering values. But one thing I know I do differently from other YouTubers that I’ve seen over the years that makes a lot of people like me is that I never dragged my videos.

A lot of YouTubers always start with a call to action such as; “like my videos, kindly subscribe to my channel.” And so on.

I started out like this too, but when I studied some metrics enough, I realized I could be different and so I stopped. Here’s what I started doing instead.

I simply go straight to the point!

I know a lot of YouTubers want to drag their videos so they can count to the watch hour which is okay. But I choose not to and it has brought me so much goodwill.

I get a lot of comments like what you can see in the images below:

This method has really helped me grow a lot on YouTube and I think that’s my own brand.

I just go straight to the video of the day and at the end, I can then add a call to action if I feel like it.

Everybody has what works for them, but what if you can try this method for at least a month or two and see the result?

I made a post on how I make money on YouTube without 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours. This can also motivate you on your YouTube journey.

Keep growing!



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