I am Not Making Money on Medium, Here’s What I’m Making

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I heard about Medium from a friend many years back, but I never took it very seriously and that was because I didn’t think I would ever write or become a writer.

Writing wasn’t my thing back then and so I didn’t bother pushing myself to do it.

Fast forward to recent times, I started writing some valuable posts on my Facebook and I was gaining traction. I moved unto Instagram and it was the same.

That led me to take a course in Copywriting since I am good with word plays.

I got certified and wrote copies for businesses and companies.

Where am I going with this?

Read on! I am heading somewhere.

Not long after my certification in copywriting, I got an email from Medium newsletter about a new post. I was compelled to open it and I realized I still had an account.

I was just scrolling through the home page and I came across a post by Ashley Broadwater on publications that pay writers per article.

It got my attention and I wanted to do something with that post. So I saved it and sent pitches to all the publications she listed in her post.

I was not positive, because I knew I was a novice and hadn’t written for publications before. I never heard from any of the publications.

It was disappointing, but I muscled up and kept learning. I read so much about writing for publications and niches and all the types of writing that there are.

I usually am fast in learning once I make up my mind to do it. So, I learned so fast and it was changing for me.

I discovered Medium pay writers once they cross 100 followers and all that, so I pushed for it and in about two weeks, I got my first 100 followers. But the sad part of it is that my country isn’t eligible for the payment yet.

I didn’t let that weigh me down and so I kept writing articles and submitting them to publications on Medium and I kept reading.

I don’t make money directly from the Medium partnership program. What I am making (gaining) includes; knowledge, discoveries, inspirations, positivities, exposure, and so on.

Just last month I read a post from TOWOBOLA, Olamide on getting clients on LinkedIn and I immediately put them to practice. That was I got my very first client who paid me for writing just two articles and when I posted my testimony on LinkedIn, that post did over 12000 views, 200+ reactions, and 200+ comments and it led to more connections and opportunities.

I could have gotten discouraged because my country isn’t eligible and left the platform, but I kept writing. My articles here have served as my portfolio for many applications I have sent out.

Many times, if we look around our challenges, there is always a breakthrough in a different form.

Today, I write on Medium and for some startups and individual clients.

I would never forget Ashley Broadwater for making that post that got me to start learning how to write and TOWOBOLA, Olamide for making his post that got me my first paying client o LinkedIn.

I am still pushing my best and still learning along the way.

I am enjoying my journey. I hope you make something great out of your journey on Medium too.

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