How to Monetize The Little Things You Know

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

For so many years, I sought ways to monetize my knowledge and I didn’t find anything.

I would usually read about other people and how they were able to create something out of what they know and make massive sales.

I wanted to be like that too and make money for myself. But it wasn’t easy.

I tried so many things. I would copy what the other people are doing and making sales from, but it never succeeded and it became really frustrating.

I didn’t give up. I wanted to achieve this goal. I wanted to make money from my knowledge.

I would learn new skills from some of my mentors, YouTube, articles and sometimes I paid for training programs just to boost my knowledge.

I thought if I know so much, I can then monetize and so I kept learning, doing, and trying again. They still wouldn’t work out.

After a while, I had a talk with one of my mentors and he told me that:

“the little I know is enough for me to monetize. I just need to think and find how to package and market it better.”

I went back and thought about what he said. I realized I was downgrading some of my skills totally. I felt they were not so packaged enough and I kept looking for what I would sell to people that would look so official and well packaged.

It turned out that, I didn’t need all that. It’s a waste of time learning so much and not implementing rightly. I think that's called information overload.

So, I went ahead to create a video course and gave it a title that would attract people, I designed the flyer and then I leverage o my social handles and I posted it everywhere using convincing copies.

I had friends who helped to share and repost on their timelines too. That helped it go viral to an extent and I got students who were interested and eventually paid to take the course.

They kept coming and I was just making sales from a little course I created. I made money without much stress just by creating that video course of something I have always known, but this time I came from a different angle and that was it for me.

Many times, we usually think what we know is little and so we look down on ourselves. But when some group of people gets to hear about that thing, they see you as a god.

So don’t hide your knowledge, push it out there, share values, stay visible, and then leverage on your audience to sell something you know to them no matter how little.

It works and it has worked for me and is still working.

You have what many people want to see and hear, don’t keep them waiting any longer.

Go out there and turn your knowledge into commercial value.



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