5 Effective Sites to Find Remote Jobs Easily & Faster

If you don’t have a business that’s producing money that you can use to pay bills and keep up, then you need a job.

If you don’t have the grit to run any business, then you need a job or else you might just keep wishing to be rich and yet live in poverty.

If you need a job, you then should have a skill or set of skills to negotiate your way into the digital space.

Learn a digital skill that interests you and use that to apply for jobs and gigs.

You become a freelancer that works from anywhere or get employed and resume in a physical office daily.

Getting jobs is not as easy and it’s also not as complex. You just have to know how to play the game in the cooperate world and you can set yourself up for life.

If you are looking to apply to jobs online, get your CV ready and activate your resume for these applications. Get ready to write some cover letters too and prepare for interviews.

There are lots of sites on the internet where jobs are listed, but here are some core ones that I use and have been really effective.

  1. Angellist is a platform where you get jobs from startups. They are usually remote jobs and it’s easy to pitch to a direct HR from the site. You can edit your profile and add all the details then you can also use location filters to narrow it down to your country of choice.
  2. Chegg Internships is a platform where you can apply for internships. The beautiful part of this platform is that there are paid internships too where you get paid per hour for weeks or months depending on the contract.
  3. Career Vault is a platform where you can get remote jobs from any part of the world. Many times, the jobs are listed there and then you are redirected to the company’s website for proper application.
  4. Jobsora is a platform that allows you to search for jobs using different countries around the world. It works in such a way that, you can pick any country you want and it’ll spin out jobs in that country for you.
  5. Linkedin Jobs is a platform where you find professional remote jobs and networks. LinkedIn uses your profile to create a resume for you with which you can use to apply to these jobs right on the platform. Just ensure your profile is properly set up.

There are many other sites you can apply for jobs, but it’s not really to know hundreds of job sites. It’s to understand how the corporate world works and take advantage of the space. One might just be enough for you. But then it’s okay to spread your wings across multiple platforms so you can have more advantage.

Work on your resume and ensure your resume is in sync with the job you are applying to. This will reduce your chances of getting rejected.

Keep trying, keep winning.



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