3 Things That Will Make Me Not Buy a Product From a Physical Store

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

So many times business owners get carried away in the process of selling.

I see a lot of store owners set up a big store, fill it with products, create campaigns, and set up different advertisements.

All of these are very good and important to keep businesses going forward. But there is another part of the game that I see a lot of store owners neglect and I think it affects sales in a way.

While there are numerous reasons why I won’t buy a product from a physical store, here are the top 3 things that will make me not buy a product from a physical store

  1. I notice the seller is not confident in the product: I have engaged so many store owners a couple of times and I have met some that are not so sure of their products or maybe they are sure but do not know how to show confidence in marketing. I think every store owner should be able to defend whatever it is they are selling at every point in time.
  2. I am confused, I don’t know how to pick the best of the things I want: It happens sometimes that I enter a store to buy something. Let’s say for example a shoe, I know I want a shoe, but when I got to the shoe store I got confused and then there is no help coming forth. Most times, I think store owners should read body language and then ask questions. Oh, what if I am attending to other customers? then there should be some attendants that can do that.
  3. A poor attitude: This is one of the commonest ones I come across in most stores and the funny thing is, it is not all the time that it comes from the store owners, many times, it’s from the attendants. So I think store owners should set up a guideline and system for their store generally and all its employees to portray positive attitudes towards customers.

Personally, as a customer, I understand what the store owners could be going through because I also sell and meet customers physically. But not every customer understands this, that is why it is very important for store owners to have this knowledge so they can stay in charge always.

This will not only increase sales, but it will also lead to good relationships with the customers, and if the customers like you, they would automatically listen to you and follow your recommendations.



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